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DDHifi TC44A

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DDHifi TC44A Lightning to 4.4mm plug adaptor. Connect headphone or earphones with a 4.4mm plug to an iphone with this compact dac / adaptor.  Uses CS43131 dac chip, as found in expensive portable music players.

Provides 60mW output (double output of TC35A adaptor), decodes high res files up to DSD256 and weighs only 5.5g!!

Headfonia.com has a great tc44a review: Where things get interesting is with the ddHiFi TC44A, a great little DAC, capable of great lengths once paired with a good IEM. Sound quality is surprisingly good, build quality is top-notch ...  the perfect companion for your iphone.

**Update your IEMs - add a new Fiio mmcx cable, with swappable plugs, it includes the 4.4mm plug for this TC44A dac. Fiio LC-RC cable pictured.