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May 23, 2022 1 min read

Lypertek true wireless earphones are designed for people seeking better than average audio quality. Lypertek is owned by Oriveti which makes high end audiophile wired earphones, with 4-8 drivers per side.

Lypertek combines high resolution drivers, tunes their earphones for maximum clarity at each price range, as opposed to being thumpy/bassy, and brings useful features for a competitive price (these models all have wireless charging for instance).

The Z3 v2 (left in photo) is their best selling earphone and at around $120 CAD provides great audio clarity and an even frequency response, so it performs very well with a huge variety of music types. Battery life if excellent at 10 hours in the earphones and 6 extra charges in the case. Call quality is reliable, bluetooth connectivity is excellent.

The Z5 ANC (center in photo) builds on the Z3 by adding Hybrid ANC noise cancelling, stem design for better microphone performance and improved quality of the transparency feature.

The Z7 (right in photo) drops the ANC but uses a triple driver (3 speakers per side) design to provide audio quality that is competitive with anything under $300. These fit a bit larger and with a slightly deeper nozzle. Battery life is once again huge at 10 hours + 70 in the case. The Z7 case is fabric finished, looks very classy and these are outstanding value for a convenient audiophile earphone.